Who will be brave enough to save our future and the city of Miskolc?

The KAMA Republic is recruiting time travellers. We need (or we will need) adventure seeking investigators in our dark future, who will travel from the times after the cataclysm, that ruined our world, to our present day to find the blueprint of the plans which could save humanity. The safety of the lucky ones who survived the cataclysm depends on LOONEY GREEK’s invention. The blueprint of its plans is hidden in the contemporary Miskolc. The modern building on the top of the mountain is actually the secret base of the project KAMA2099 where (and when) the time traveling team of detectives enter our present-day Miskolc. The pressure is high on the volunteering detectives while there is little information at their hands. They are to find the old notes, the key of the lock, the measuring tape, the missing part of the map, the guidebook and all the other clues that will help them find the plans.


Warning: Chances are high that a group photo will be taken with an invisible dog (Could it be the key to the secret? We will see…) Be ready to exchange emails through time.

A - Kalandtúra


An interactive urban adventure tour, ideal for a team of 4-6 people, can accept a team of 10 as a maximum. This is the most complicated version of the urban tour and there is a chance to get lost or confused, we can provide a tour guide/game master service upon request. Have a great adventure, enjoy the game! Pricing: 3.200 Ft/person, over 7 people: 2.900 Ft/ person. Minimum fee per tour 25.000

Number of players: 3-8 people

Time: 2-3 hours


Price: from 3400 Ft/ person

Létszám: 3-8 fő
Időtartam: 2-3 óra
Nehézség: Nehéz
Részvételi díj:
4500Ft / fő-től

B - Belvárosi séta


An urban walk – a standard sightseeing tour following the thematic of the urban adventure tour (version - A) with a little investigation and other curiosities included. This version of our tours is recommended for groups of 6 to 30 people (may be suitable for even bigger groups). Pricing: 2.100 Ft/person, over 15 people: 1.700 Ft/ person, over 24 people: 1.400 Ft/ person. Minimum fee per tour 25.000

Number of players: 6-30 people

Time: 2-3 hours

Difficulty: Hard

Price: from 2100 Ft/ person

Létszám: 6-30 fő
Időtartam: 2-3 óra
Nehézség: Közepes
Részvételi díj:
4100Ft / fő-től

C - Interaktív vetélkedő


We organize interactive quiz contests following the thematic of the urban adventure tour (version - A) with a little investigation and other curiosities. Our Quiz games can be a great and unique activity for schools or for community events. It is ideal for teams between 10-50, but it can work with more people than that too. Pricing: 1.800Ft/person, over 25 people: 1.500 Ft/ person, over 40 people: 1.300 Ft/ person. Minimum fee per quiz contest 28.000

Number of players: 10-50 people

Time: 3-4 hours

Difficulty: easy

Price: from 1.800 Ft/ person

Létszám: 10-50 fő
Időtartam: 3-4 óra
Nehézség: Könnyű
Részvételi díj:
3800Ft / fő-től

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