TRUNK TOURS – The secrets of a city revealed, or outdoor escape games in Miskolc

TRUNK TOURS OF MISKOLC is the only SERVICE in town that offers the unique experience of escape games with exciting spy stories while set in popular and less known parts of the city. Outdoors, in the urban space.

You can choose from our three major urban adventure tours, which all have three versions depending on the difficulty and the number of players. We run two other urban tours abroad and a number of other local thematical urban tours and quiz games.

We recommend our one of a kind tours to anyone who is interested to see the sights of the city from a special perspective and is ready to learn about the history of Miskolc in an interactive and entertaining way. If you try yourself in our missions, you will definitely have a different view on the city of Miskolc.

The first of our urban adventure tours is now also available in English.