If this is the first time you visit our site, you might find the following information useful:


How can I book a tour?

You can book an appointment in the calendar interface. You can immediately see in the interactive table if your preferred date is available.

Select your date by clicking the right field in the table to submit your booking. We will get back to your booking within 24 hours (via email or phone). When we contact you, our organizers will finalize the booking and will provide you with further details.

The final instructions (exact place and time of departure, useful information, warnings) will be sent to the participants by e-mail.


Which game should I choose?

SAVE THE CITY! – THE BUNKER BREAKDOWN 3.0 is our first tour available in English. Most of the urban adventure game is played on the Avas hill in the centre of the city and is played in the context of a science fiction inspired imaginary story involving many curious facts and rumours from the history of the city. Cellars and towers, bridges and walls are the “protagonists”, but tools of digital communication also appear in the game.


Can you tell me more about the adventure tours you offer and the point of the games?

Our Trunk Tours are the “love child” of escape games and traditional guided sightseeing tours. The game is set in the urban space and follow a defined route, solve the riddles as a team to reveal the mysteries of the elaborate story and to reach the finish line.

So, the experience may be familiar from traditional room escape games, but our urban adventure game takes place in the historic streets, squares, parks and other exciting urban spaces of Miskolc.


When and how can I pay the service fee?

Payment happens by standard money transfer to the company account as detailed below:

CIB Bank Zrt. 11103901-19331571-36000001 prior to the booked date of the game


in cash on the booked day of the urban adventure game.

In case of cash payment, we ask for a previously agreed percent of the final price to be paid in advance.


How much does a game cost per person?

The price varies depending on the type of tour and the number of participating people.

This info is available at the tour descriptions and reservations menu option of this site.