About us

TRUNK TOURS – Adventurous sightseeing tours, interactive walks in the city and more in Miskolc.

For those who are ready to face challenges and new experiences, who enjoy investigating and solving mysteries, and like games.

We started to develop our Trunk Tours as a part of a local history research project. Our aim was to recover the known or forgotten values in the county seat of Borsod, to call the attention of locals and visitors to the stories, legends and possible adventures in the city.

The mission of Észak-Keleti Átjáró Egyesület (North-East Passage Cultural and Academic Association) is generally aligned with the above objectives: we aim to help the preservation and regeneration of the local identity in Miskolc, to show and to promote the many values hiding under the surface of this city in the North-East of Hungary. The members of our association are local enthusiasts, who love their hometown and strive to constantly develop their knowledge about their immediate and broader environment. These historians, civil engineers, cultural anthropologists, teachers and journalists who work with us in their free time also actively share the knowledge we gather.

The creation and facilitation of our Trunk Tours is an extraordinarily creative and entertaining way to work along the above philosophy and for the goals we set for ourselves.

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